Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Tiger is turning The Huffington Post yellow

The writing quality is decreasing, the typos are increasing and their news judgement is declining. "The Huffington Post" is fixated on Tiger Woods to a level comparable only to "The National Enquirer." Since the story broke at the end of November, they have carried 630 articles about Woods, most of them about his extracurricular activities.

Today's article by Diane Dimond crosses all bounds of un-newsworthy, slimy and hypocritical writing.

"Everybody is talking about Tiger Woods these days," she writes. That isn't true. Only THP is obsessed with the golfer.

She goes on to say, "To me a person's integrity is displayed in how they interact with and treat other people. Character goes to the core of who they are.

So, Dimond sets out to prove her own character and integrity by renting a boat and going to the back of Woods' lakefront property, which proved nothing."The house, like the man, looks perfect on the outside but on the inside," she declares," there is turmoil and trouble."

To further demonstrate her lack of knowledge of Tiger's life, she writes, "I wondered if this awful episode might have been averted if the elder Woods hadn't died in 2006. Could Earl have managed the P.R. effort in a more effective way?" If the woman could research as well as she snoops, she would know that Earl was no angel.

Of course Dimond didn't mention any of those ladies of the washroom. She didn't use "character and integrity" when referring to their eagerness to stand at attention, or their eagerness to kiss and tell, or their eagerness to make money with interviews. She failed to ask how the "character and integrity" of these cheap ladies is impacting on the wife and children of Tiger.

Frankly, what amazes me, is how Tiger had the energy to mess with all these messy women and then play golf so damn well.

UPDATE: Elin Nordegren has reportedly persuaded Tiger Woods to enter rehab for sex addiction. Sources say the model issued Woods an ultimatum – enter rehab or get a divorce.

He will also be treated for his addiction to pain medications.


  1. sex addiction. WTF ? I never got that. One can be obsessed with sex-but it's not a drug, it's something you do.Addiction produces withdrawal symptoms. If a mans body has regained the ability to have an erection following an earlier orgasm he doesn't begin hallucinating, shaking or vomiting if he doesn't have sex immediately.
    Never realized what an asshole Tiger is till now.

  2. Funny you only mention men, : ) Women have it too and it is a very real addiction just like other behavioral addictions - eating and gambling. Beahvioral addictions have very different withdrawl symptons than chemical addictions. Yet people with behavioral addictions very often attend AA meetings. You can find quite a bit about it on the net.

    Generally, people don't seek out their addictions, no matter what kind.

  3. I've been thinking of changing the sub-header at the top of my blog to read "Guaranteed 100% free of Tiger-Woods-related content". I really don't get why this story is of interest to anyone other than the people immediately involved. High-status male attracts lots of females and has promiscuous sex? Is that exactly something new? Just basic primatology.

    I only get interested in stories like this when they involve some high-horse moralist who's made a career out of preaching at everyone else how to behave -- the Sanfords, Craigs, Vitters, Haggards, and that sort. Then it's hypocrisy being taken down, which is always tasty to see.

  4. I agree totally that there's been too much Tiger coverage and I usually don't read it. This one just caught my eye and I thought it was the most idiotic thing I'd seen so far. Plus, her hypocrisy rubbed me the wrong way. THP, imo, is sinking to new lows. I mean 630 articles in 30 days?

  5. Finally, someone had a courage to blurt this out. Huffington Post, along with many major news aggregating sites or even news establishments which have ties with various "gossip/celebrity" sites, usually under a broader one conglomerate publishing company, tend to have certain "contractual agreement" that allow those sources to mire the heart of the site if it's proven to be gaining huge attention. Tiger Woods' case, like Michael Jackson's, is no exception.

    Garbage in, garbage out.