Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, March 07, 2010

"Obama chimp" email sent by Tennessee CEO

Another Tennessean shows his ignorance. Hopefully, the NAACP isn't planning a meeting any time soon in Music City.

UPDATE: Baker sent an email to the original recipients saying "sorry." That's all. The Convention and Visitors Bureau cancelled his $50,000 a year contract. No wonder he's sorry.

UPDATE: Baker has been fired. "The firm had received almost $50,000 to market the new convention center and money that came indirectly from Metro to market the annual Music City Bowl."


  1. Did he forget the hell that was raised over the last time this was passed around and people got upset.. He thought he could get away with it.. How stupid are these people.

    Yet, they say it isn't about race?

  2. Of course it's about race and it's why I'm embarrassed to admit that I live in TN.

  3. Leslie, you're what's good about the state. If you left the collective IQ would drop precipitously.

  4. Oso: Blush and thanks. You've made my week.

  5. Look at the bright side - weren't there many people in Tennessee who called this out as being wrong? The guy was obviously an idiot and I don't think idiots are isolated to the south.

    I visit this blog and others from time to time to get several points of view, but I am constantly offended by the notion that a person cannot disagree with Obama's policy's without being racist - it gets really old. When you continually hurl this garbage, it limits your credibility. There are plenty of opinions and actions to be debated rather than playing that tired race card again and again and again.

    If you disagree with Michael Steele - does that make you a racist? - of course not.

    Now, I'm not defending TN guy, but I bet you laughed at this. If you did, you must hate all white guys from Texas.:-)

  6. Sk2steps: Of course it doesn't make you racist to disagree with Obama or Steele. But how does comparing a primate to the First Lady come remotely close to a political discussion? Or any discussion for that matter? It doesn’t. Which makes Baker a gigantic doofus—and I’m being nice.

  7. Since I've been voting, I don't think there's been one president I agreed with all the time, including the current president. And I think you will find this true with 99% of the people I blog with. I don't think anyone can accuse us of blind loyalty.

    Actually, I lived in Texas for 10 humid years. I liked white guys, black guys, Hispanic guys - guys from Greece, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and elsewhere. I don't discriminate. Ass holes come in all colors.

    I totally disagree with you about the race card - what is happening on the extreme right, and I emphasize extreme, is 100% racism disguised with a lot of hocus-pocus.

    There is a huge difference between political satire on the Net and a CEO sending an email equating the First Lady, regardless of who she is, with a chimp. The pictures of Obama that have been posted online simply do not compare in any way with the photos in your link. They have nothing to do with Bush's race.

    As much as I dislike the Diva, I don't remember degrading her because of her race. Even if she were black - har, har - I wouldn't make desparaging remarks about her on account of it - nor would I post "tampered" photos.

    Please visit a post I wrote about racism directed toward our president during his first year in office. I think reviewing it in one collection will give you a different perspective. It's really a list - a long list. I don't think there's been a First Family in the history of this country who has been the target of such malicious (racist) attacks.

  8. Pam - thank you dahlin'. SK, you really should visit Pam's blog and read the comments. She's a very patient lady - much more so than I am.

  9. Leslie: Thank you. However, I near lost my temper with 2 “Righties” [Truth’s favorite term that I adopted] today. One I reprimanded the other I deleted, especially since she is the one who posted an entire blog post boycotting my blog yet had the audacity to post on it!

  10. sk2steps,
    Unfortunately you make no sense and maybe you and your ilk are the minority in TN - we hope. Education does wonders.

  11. Pam: I don't know how you even do it. I'd just cut 'em off at the knees - moderate. And I have to be honest - I don't know ((why)) you do it. Seems to me that kind of stuff not only detrects from the subject at hand, it takes up far too much time and energy and really doesn't solve anything. But it's your blog, babe and we all have to run 'em the way we want.

  12. JJ: I'm the Tennessean in the group and I have a pretty good education. As I say above, people with diverse opinions are welcome as long as they don't personally insult someone else, taunt or abuse them.

    I have seen many of SK's comments around blogland, and while we don't agree on much, I find him courteous and in possession of a sense of humor. People have a right to their opinions and until he calls me a f--k'n old b----, he's welcome here. It's the "old" that really pisses me off.

  13. When I hear "righties" say 'it's not about race', now that gets old. The vast majority of the time that's exactly what it's about.

  14. Count me as a white guy from Texas that is offended by his remarks.

  15. This is so true, Holte. GA and AL relatives will look me straight in the eye and say, "this is not about race," or "I'm not racist, but . . ." All this "I want my country back" or "I want the government out of my life," or "health reform is socialism" is just a smokescreen for racism. These people have been seething with anger since 1964 and now that we have a black president they can no longer contain it. They're like a volcano that has been dormant for 40 years and is now erupting with hot angry lava.

    I also very strongly feel that these people who want the government out of their lives should stop their Medicare, disability, unemployment, food stamps and whatever else they don't want from the government because it's socialism.

  16. Willis: What a nice surprise. I'm truly honored.

    It is offensive but - and I may be totally wrong - I think the "white guy from Texas" refers to GWB in his link.

  17. Hate and fear are all the GOP have left.

  18. I think sk2steps pretty well illustrates the entire point. Sad and pathetic.

  19. I'm late to the discusion, but as I read the comments, I thought of a comment left at Patrick M.'s blog "Sane Political Discourse."

    The subject of the post is Michelle Obama's campaign "Let's Move," to get America's children eating healthy and exercising. Sounds noncontroversial to me. And what parent wouldn't support that? None that I know of. But take a look at this comment from someone who calls him/herself "NINTHMAN," and whose link brings you to a group page on facebook having to do with barn storming: (I believe the link has nothing to do with the comment and the person using the link is a fraud:

    "Of course all the Lefties are going to pat you on your back, they all think that Michelle Obama is God gift to the the World.

    But the truth is that not only is it bad enough we got one Obama in our faces 24/7.. now we're forced to listen to his bitter half, too.
    That two face fat ass bitch told me everything I needed to know about her. We're just as ashamed of her now as we ever were, and just as ashamed of her as she is her Country.
    Well, for the first time in my life, I'm not proud of our first lady.

    Who gives a crap what she thinks about Obesity, she also thinks her husband is doing a wonderful job. so, I'd take her statement with a grain of salt. Maybe she should just shut her fat trap hole and let America decide important issues!
    And with a big ass like her's she's a fine one to talk about Obesity."

    How's that for malicious name-calling and sheer hatred? There's no reason any commenter would be so enraged that he or she would post such a disgusting remark. But there it is.

    And I believe that comment is fueled by racism. What else can explain the fury and the contempt for someone the commenter does not know?

  20. That is so disgusting I just want to scream. Yikes, they're not only racist, they're classless, ignorant (as judged by their inability to write) and psychologically deranged. They should be locked away in padded cells.

    Even sk didn't take it this far - not that subtle racism is any better than blatant racism.

  21. Excuse me, TNlib - what part of my post illustrates subtle racism? Seems this proves my point of the constant playing of the race card. I don't have a racist bone in my body.

    I'm obviously in the political minority here - but here is a small, small, place. We can only wait and see what the majority says in November. Oh shoot - now I'm fear mongering.

  22. sk: "Even sk didn't take it this far - not that subtle racism is any better than blatant racism."

    I guess you could call that a back-handed compliment. I do apologize for it. I don't get the feel that you are racist, although the comment about the white male Texan could be misunderstood, if a person didn't link to it.

    But I do think your analysis that progressives think anyone who disagrees with the president is a racist is way off base, as I and others explained earlier. There is the blatant racism, as portrayed in this fellow's email and as in my post that I linked to previously. And there is the subtle kind where people don't use the n word but who indicate their racism through actions and speech.

    Fortunately, Nashville is blessed with a progressive mayor and this guy has been fired. I dare say that he might have been fired had our mayor been a conservative but more because they got caught with their pants down than because it was wrong. Again I refer back to the post with the list of racist remarks and so forth aimed at Obama, many of them written or spoken by public officials.

    Now, I would just like to say this, sk. I have spent my life defending the rights of people who don't agree with me - sometimes it gets a little hard but as long as their conclusions are not based on lies, hypocrisy and simply regurgitating FoxNews type of propaganda, it's tolerable. I do have a short fuse when it comes to intolerance, lies and hypocrisy - things I have fought against all my life.

    I will not delete someone just because I disagree with them as long as they aren't abusive to me or another commenter. You, sk, "mind your manners," so to speak, and I respect that.

    I try to be truthful but may not always succeed - unintentionally - but I mainly try to be fair. I have deleted posts when the source has turned out to be off base and I have corrected comments that turned out to be inaccurate.

    "I'm obviously in the political minority here " - That's okay, but understand that this is a liberal blog first and foremost.