Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

White Militia Goups: A Double Standard?

Liberal bloggers have often asked, "What if?" What if African American militia groups had increased their numbers after the inauguration of George W. Bush? What if they had armed themselves and held training exercises all over the country? What if they started planning military tactics to "take their country back" from what they believed to be a subversive president?

Do you think Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney would have reacted to a black militaristic buildup as coolly as President Obama has to the phenomenal growth of white militias?

Since Obama took office last year, the number of white militias has shot up from about 170 to more than 500, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors extremist groups in the United States. Armed with enough firepower to take on a police department, some of these groups are honing their sniper skills using photographs of Obama for target practice.

As Mark Potock, director of SPLC said, "If the people we saw running around armed to the teeth were black, I think their organization would be destroyed in a matter of hours. . . . If people saw on their TV screens photos of black militia members shooting at images of a white president, I don't think they would last."

Michael Lackomar, a spokesman for the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia said, "Five areas that we focus on are crime, disaster, invasion, tyranny and terrorism."

Domestice terrorists fighting terrorism?

Lackomar's group has close ties to the Hutaree, whose members were arrested last March by the FBI and charged with plotting to kill a police officer and then setting off a bomb at the future, killing the mourners.
Their ultimate goal was to trigger an uprising against the federal government. Lackomar's group was one of several who helped the Hutarees train.

And yet the southeastern Michigan militia continues to operate with impunity, as if it were some latter-day Army of the Potomac.

Obama supported a U.S. Supreme Court decision crippling D.C.'s gun control law and then signed a bill that allows visitors to national parks to carry guns.

Still, gun advocates keep him in their sights. They show up outside presidential town hall meetings brandishing firearms. When a young black man, identified only as Chris, showed up at one such event with a rifle strapped to his back, white protesters cited him as proof that race had nothing to do with their contempt for Obama.

Had the black rifleman showed up for, say, Ronald Reagan's "states' rights" speech in Philadelphia, Miss., back in 1980, they might still be dredging the Pearl River for his remains.

What domestic terrorists do.


  1. It's all so true! Can you picture groups of blacks forming militias to fight government? Me either! These people are old white farts and their racist adult children who have grown up with hate in the household, hate for minorities, not government, that is just an excuse for today's KKK.

    Have you noticed so many rightwing bloggers call themselves, and proudly too, domestic terrorists? It's true!

  2. 100% agreed. Even without a black man as president I think chances are good many of these outfits will remain because the left has allowed as always the other side to frame the discussion.

    That discussion now includes that this country must rid itself from government to achieve their vision of nirvana.

    This situation will be enhanced if the gusher is not shut off.

    And we must not forget that people on the left to these whack jobs are a major danger as well.

    Just LTFO!

  3. Then they need to be put on the terrorist watch list and their lives made miserable like what has been done to so many who have done nothing.

    "rightwing bloggers call themselves, and proudly too, domestic terrorists?"

  4. Black Panther Party.

    Been there, done that.

    Everyone should read "Black Power" by Carmichael & Hamilton. Although your point, my friend, is "right on," a "defensive" militia is stil just that, a militia.

  5. How can hate-filled, racist, militarist groups of old white men call themselves proud patriotic Americans when the US was founded by liberal radicals? It is much more patriotic to be a liberal.

  6. Very true..
    Hell black Americans have been very quite since Obama has been elected. I wish they would be more vocal in support. I understand why their not though.
    Even around me there's these little groups of wanna be all over the place.

  7. I may be duplicating here.

    I did a search on black and liberal militia groups (separately) and came up with nothing.

    The Black Panthers went the way the Tea Party will go. At least Cleaver can write.

  8. Check out what happened to Fred Hampton for information on what would happen to a minority group engaged in anything resembling these activities.

  9. This is a disgusting but not that surprising trend. There is always an authoritarian, paranoid-personality element in need of a bogeyman. They fear and despise change that's not their idea and beyond their control, and not always rationally.

    It's to be expected having an African American Democrat in the White House has sent some of them around the bend.

  10. We live in a coutry where police sic dogs on a 10-year old, 80-lb., A.A. boy because he was riding his bike in his neighborhood where someone reported a burglary.

    Do we need any other explanation for why the increase in white militia groups is not seen as a threat to domestic tranquility?

  11. Buenos Dias Senorita Leslie!

    Well! .... this certainly was an interesting posting with a twist for thought ... I never even thought about it. And I know this is a serious matter .... but I busted out in laughter when I read ... what would Cheney and Bush (Gruesome Twosome) do if African American Militia's done this or that? ....picturing in my mind them both trying to figure out a way to incorporate private military contractor's like Blackwater, who charge triple inflated rate's and marketing stories to milk surplus fund's out of the gvmnt to the private sector (shame on me). But all caca aside Grrll ... it would be fun just seeing how it would be dealt with providing no one get's hurt .... just out of curiosity. :)

    Later Grrrlll ...........

  12. BTW .... love that "Route 66" restaraunte photo, remind's me of that ole Nat King Cole classic! I got a posting with him doing that.

  13. Don't forget this:

    Our local gun shop -- don't ask how I happened to be there -- has lined its walls with pictures of Obama bearing the caption "In these uncertain times, all sales are final." It's a direct appeal to racial fears of a radical black disarming whites and making them powerless.

  14. JR: I remember that whole Hampton scenario. Unbelievable. Apparently the autonomous J Edgar Hoover was the mastermind. He and Cheney would have made great bedfellows - literally in Hoover's case.

    SW: Since these groups have grown from 170 to 500 since Obama was elected says it all.

    Shaw: These groups are flat out seditious and treasonous as far as I'm concerned. Of course, if Obama were to act, the outcry would be swift and harsh, and really could, if possible, make the situation worse. Lawsuits involving F of Sp would quickly go through the court system to land at SCOTUS. We know how they'd rule.

    RC: I might laugh if that kind of thing weren't so probable.

    I just happened to come across that R-66 pic. One of the better ones I think.

  15. It's actually rather remarkable that we haven't had significant black terrorist activity in the US, considering what blakc people have been subjected to. The biggest and deadliest domestic terrorist organization we've ever had was the Ku Klux Klan, and that was designed to defend an established dominant position. The Hutaree and the militias certainly don't represent groups systemtically oppressed in anything like the way blacks have been.

    This really undermines the idea that terrorism is a predicatble response to oppression.

  16. Shortly after Obama became President security officials put white racists groups and individuals on heightened watch.
    The Secret Service (will not give exact numbers) says that death threats against President Obama are three times higher than any other President ever.
    It is no surprise, and I wondered how it would manifest itself, that white racists groups and individuals would grow and become more vocal if a black man were elected President.
    Black society in America still gets the short end of opportunity, and a black President will not change that.
    No surprise black militant groups are on the rise, especially as white militant groups are on the rise.
    It would be laughable, if it were not so serious, all this talk about State's rights coming from the right. We decided that issue through our civil war 150 years ago.
    I'm surprised that a large number of Americans swallow the crap that being a good American is being white, religious, and worshiping guns.

  17. K: I missed ya. That is so scary. While they are not coming right out and saying shoot the president they are certainly suggesting it by innuendo.

    The KKK was very active in Houston when I lived there in the 60s and included about half of the police force. They published about an 8-page "newsletter" called "Rats Today, Cat Food Tomorrow". It was a list of people directly or indirectly connected to the civil rights and peace movements and included professors (for teaching black lit), clergy and activists like me. Names, addresses, phone numbers and alleged offences were listed. Nowhere in this newsletter did they advocate harming someone, burning a cross in their yards or any other kind of illegal behavior but the implication was there.

    Infidel: Here's a quote I didn't include but probably should have:

    "This racial disparity comes to mind whenever I see militia leaders carping about government "tyranny" while enjoying the special privileges that come with being white."

    Tom: As I mentioned in a comment above, I could find no evidence of the existence of black militia groups. That doesn't mean there aren't any. If I were in one, I'd certainly want to keep a low profile - especially in light of what happened to Hampton.

    "I'm surprised that a large number of Americans swallow the crap that being a good American is being white, religious, and worshiping guns."

    But they do - by the boatloads. They feel threatened because they are paranoid. The fact that they are mentally unstable is even more cause for alarm.

  18. There was a case here in Dallas, sometime mid 1990's after the "New Black Panther Party" formed which their headquarter's is Dallas. But they were showing up at public demonstration's here armed with assault rifle's, many complaint's from especially anti gun folk's too. But according to law enforcement if I recall correctly .... they were in line with gun right law's and it just blew over, never heard nothing again about it. I am sure having lived in NYC though, as anti gun as that is .... plenty of complaint's would have arose even more than Dallas and would have been national news.

    Just recalled that

  19. Faux News and the Republicans already showed what would happen in 2008 with their non-stop coverage of Jeremiah Wright, their racist emails and mailers and the so-called voter intimidation by Black Panthers in Philadelphia.

    This is the same reason they constantly attack President Obama, they want him to get mad so they can recycle angry Obama comments and feed their bigoted viewers, with a wink and nod, there's an angry you know what in the white house.

  20. Glad I caught up on Parsley’s Pics this morning. Your posts sure generated interesting discussions.

    IMO, the fear these hate groups exhibit is directly related to IQ. These people believe President Obama is a Muslim who is not a U.S. citizen and who wants to take away their guns, so he can – what? – declare himself “president for life”?

    Recently, the occasion of my 50th high school class reunion generate email activity among some who have not seen each other for decades. One classmate who signed himself “Right-Wing Extremist” wrote:

    “Hey guys, I want to let you in on some insider trading, I talked to my broker today and ask what should I buy. Considering the state of our union, he said ‘canned goods and ammo.’"

    Of course, this person thought the state of the union was very healthy under Bush and Cheney.

    Nothing else can account for this paranoia but ignorance.


  21. I think ignorance is behind all these extremist groups - Tea Party, Militia, Patriot, Hate - You just have to wonder where elected officials are coming from. Visit Annette's blog for a real eye opener re Bobby Jindal and other elected officials from the GC area: