Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Monday, February 07, 2011

Republicans Target Women - Again (With Link to Emily's List Petition)

In another frontal assault on women, those sneaky little devils are at it again. "This week, the GOP House is considering H.R.3, a bill so restrictive it would limit a woman's access to reproductive care even when her life was in danger." Hearings begin tomorrow.

In an article for The Huffington Post by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Sen. Richard Blumenthal:
The 2010 elections were about one thing: jobs. So what on earth is going on in the GOP-controlled House?

When John Boehner campaigned to become the Speaker, he promised a party and a chamber devoted to fiscal responsibility and economic growth. Then, he pulled a bait-and-switch on the American voters.

Far from creating jobs, the bills Republicans have brought to the floor of the House are focused on an entirely different agenda: taking away health care and opportunities for women and their families. First, they sought to overturn our nation's health care law - which would end guaranteed maternity care and once again allow insurance companies to discriminate based on gender.

This week, the GOP House is considering H.R.3, a bill so restrictive it would limit a woman's access to reproductive care even when her life was in danger.

We know a woman's right to make her own health decisions must be protected. But this is about even more than choice, this is about making sure women and families can get the care they need when they need it.

You probably recognize the Republican agenda as a radical departure from the days when they promised jobs. And you know their claims of "limited government" shouldn't include limits on our access to health care.

We're committed to stopping these dangerous measures if and when they reach the Senate. But we need your help.

We're both members of EMILY's List, an organization devoted to electing pro-choice Democratic women who will stand in the way of Republicans trying to limit the rights and opportunities of American families.

Today, we're asking you to join us by signing the EMILY's List petition telling Republicans you're not fooled by their bait-and-switch.

We're standing with EMILY's List, and we're standing together, because this is not only a women's issue.

When we talk about access to health care facilities and services, we're talking about the health and safety and stability of all American families.

It's what we're in the Senate to fight for. And we won't stand by and let Boehner's radical agenda carry the day.

Please join us in telling Republicans we won't let them roll back the clock on our rights and opportunities. Hearings on the appalling H.R. 3 begin tomorrow. Make your voice heard today.


  1. People need to understand that the Rushpubliscums are not anti-choice as much as they are anti WOMAN. They intend to restore an Old Testament view of the woman as the property of a man. They barely conceal what it is they intend to do.

  2. They took "forcible" out of rape but the bill still stinks.

  3. So tired of the right getting away with murder in the name of being "pro-life." Thanks for the link - I didn't know about Emily's List!

  4. I'm sure you know where I stand on this issue and how Republicans are pandering to social conservatives.

    As someone who signed an Emily's List petition about a year and a half ago to get Democrats in Congress to do the right thing, I want to point out two things. First, this petition isn't going to faze Republicans. They couldn't care less what you and I think about what they're doing. The second thing is that if you sign this petition, from here on out you will get lots of Emily's List e-mails seeking donations.

    If you feel so strongly that you want to sign the petition and understand about the donation-seeking e-mails, that's fine. I just think everyone should know.

    I suggest, however, that if you have a Republican representative and/or senator(s), you're likely to make more of an impression by writing to them yourself, by snail mail or e-mail, and telling them what you think in your own words. Same goes for phoning their offices.

  5. This is a well done post Leslie. I'll tell you ... I have been totally blown away about what the republican party has been doing over the last decade especially, and more recently since President Obama took office, and the outright boldness of blaming also this whole mess we got into on him, is unbelievable, that some folk's "actually" buy this?, but another issue. And folk's like Boehner ... I really believe him and some on their side are sincere ... and really dont even see how damaging they are to America and brainwashed they are, thinking their preserving this or that. It also fascinate's me, that many GOP voter's/ supporter's actually still rant and cheer over this crowd, after all the damage that has been clearly done by this last administration too, it's also shocking that some of the women that support these group's and their agenda's ... I am just totally blown away in disbelief actually ... when I hear some of this stuff, I frankly dont even know what in Hell to think, because I am so confused. And I am conservative on a number of issue's at that.

    I'll shut the Hell up now, Thanx Leslie.

  6. JR: Yep, they hate us and want to keep women barefoot, pregnant and quiet.

    intelli: Emily's List is a very understated, but solid, org. that has been around for years. Very reputable.

    SW: There have been many discussions about petitions on this blog and I don't disagree with you at all. In this case, since the hearings are beginning today, time doesn't allow for snail mail and really even phone calls. I think the fact that these scoundrels were forced to remove "forcible" from this bill is a testament to the fact that petitions in large numbers can have results. But there is still much to object to in this bill, such as the Hatch Amendment.

    The organizations have to raise money somehow and online fund-raising has been proven to be very effective. However, I simply delete their requests. I also take the liberty of unsubscribing from those I don't care for - a very simple procedure.

    RC: The fact that this bill is #3 shows where Boehner's priorities really are - certainly not jobs.