Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another Democrat bites the dust

Just yesterday North Dakota Senator Bryan Dorgan (D) announced that he won't run again. And just a few hours ago, Sen. Chriss Dodd (D), as expected, announced his plans not to step aside.

Mr. Dodd was already considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats facing re-election this November, and party officials had been privately hoping he would step aside. His move opens the way for the state’s highly popular attorney general, Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat, to run. Democrats and Republicans said he would be a much stronger candidate in what is a Democratic state.

Dodd was first elected in 1980. Over the last few years his state popularity has declined starting when he made an unsuccessful run for the presidency in 2008-- even going so far as to move his family to Iowa. Questions have been raised  about a disputed loan he took from Countrywide Financial, the fallen subprime company.

Mr. Dodd has been the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee during the    economic meltdown.

Mr. Dodd was one of two Democratic senators – the other was Kent Conrad of North Dakota – who had been accused of receiving improper discounts from Countrywide Financial. In August, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics ruled that it had found “no credible evidence” that the senators had violated gift rules in accepting the loans.

But the committee criticized Mr. Dodd and Mr. Conrad for not avoiding the appearance of impropriety.

Sounds like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and the Keating 5 back in 1989. The four others were Democrats, including Sen. John Glenn of Ohio.

Polling in Connecticut suggested that Mr. Dodd had been hurt both by his association with Countrywide and by criticism for his role in legislation that appeared to clear the way for bonuses to be paid to executives of American International Group, the insurance firm that received a govnerment bailout.

As chairman of the Senate banking committee, he had a central role in both the huge government rescue of the financial system and the economic stimulus package that was adopted at the start of last year.

When Sen. Edward M. Kennedy died, Dodd begame active chairman of the Senate Health Committee, the first Congressional Panel to approve a version of health care reform legislation.

Mr. Dodd also led an effort to pass an ambitious overhaul of regulations governing the credit card industry. And he is at the center of the continuing effort to redraw the nation’s financial regulation system in response to the financial meltdown in 2008.

Last summer, Dodd was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and spent the summer recess undergoing surgery and recuperating. That had to have played a role in his decision to retire as di the brutal campaign for re-election.


  1. This one actually sounds like good news, if Blumenthal would have a better chance of holding the seat against a Republican.

    As for Dorgan, I think North Dakota is a pretty reddish state anyway. He may have felt he didn't have much of a chance. At least he gave plenty of advance notice, so there's time to find someone effective to run to replace him.

  2. Yeah, exactly like McCain of the Keating Five. But Dodd was one of the good ones. Sorry to see him go!

  3. Whatever good Dodd did, he was tainted by his favorable treatment by Countryside and his part in the restoration of large bonuses to the banksters. He would have struggled to keep his seat, and he knows it.

  4. Infidel - don't know much about North Dakota politics but I suspect you're right.

    Vigilante and Holte - I think Dodd has definitely been one of the good ones, but he made a huge mistake that cost him. Why do these smart, talented people not use better judgement?

    This is just my very unscientific opinion, but this has been a particularly acrimonious year. I wonder if the true reason so many have elected not to run again is because they are simply burned out from all the brutal fighting and politics at its crudest.

  5. Well, I'll tell you the Obama's are Kennedy' wannabees. But as Chris Matthews’ would say, the thrill may be gone from be running up leg, but over at CNN, his less partisan counterpart, seems to have gotten whatever thrill the MSNBC host lost. Just got back from doing cardio at the gym and was treated to three-quarters of an hour of breathless coverage of President Obama’s first state dinner honoring India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh.
    After Larry was discribing Michelle Obama’s dress, it looks Like the thrill has found its way to Larry King’s leg.
    First Ladies always have a signature style of their own…. The classy ones bring it with them to 16OO, the cows if they’re lucky, have it fall in their lap while living in the White Castle …. Hillary wears pant suits now cause as 1st lady she got called out on her prosciutto ankles, and if she’d won the election you can bet your ass the gal would have worn a tuxedo to her Inaugural Balls…. Nancy Reagan didn’t get the idea to wear red after she saw the look on the the faces of all the cryin liberals when her hubby kicked Carter’s ass…. not to mention the grande dame already had a closet full of haute couture before she ever left California. I know I can’t mention the Mister without bringing up his Misses, but what can I say about Rosalyn other than she’s the wife of a peanut farmer and dressed like one … For God’s sake they ate PB&J sandwiches on a regular basis…and bragged about it too…… Now we have Michelle my Belle, she has found her style alright…. and she wears the same style of gown all the time…. Its the only fit that will camouflage those child baring hips and high rider of hers…. Trust me, the next tent she’s in will be a dark colored gown, cause it’ll be the dead of winter and cold as hell. I gotta laugh when I hear people slobbering over Mrs Obama…. especially when they call her a beauty and compare her style and grace to that of Jackie O. …Why can’t they leave the dead to rest in peace….Jackie O must be turning in her grave….

  6. I think Dodd's roll in lessening the restrictions on AIG bonuses also is a contributing factor to his decision not to run for re-election. The unfortunate thing is that he did it at the request of the White House. He is now paying the price.

  7. There are many saying Dodds retirement, although sad for us dems, will actually make it likely a dem will hold onto his seat.

    Suzy I find it interesting you came here to speak badly of the dem first ladies and show ignorance when you talk about their looks and sense of style. Not to mention it has nothing to do with Leslies post!

  8. I find it interesting that people who can't write a grammatical sentence or who can't spell correctly feel it necessary to force such deplorable English on others.

    "the thrill may be gone from be running up leg,"

    What kind of mumbo-jumbo is this? Swahili?

    "Just got back from doing cardio at the gym and was treated to three-quarters of an hour of breathless coverage of President Obama’s first state dinner honoring India’s Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh."

    I guess you wrote this some time ago and have been using it to troll ever since.

    And Sue is correct, you have no right to come to my blog and bring up a subject that is unrelated to what I am writing about. Don't bother me with such petty details on what people eat and wear.

  9. JC: Didn't mean to leave you out of the loop. Was occupied with taking out the trash.

    Blind loyalty can be costly. Just ask the guys from Watergate.

    Thank you for coming.

  10. LOL, I thought the writing was very lisa-like but see Suzy has a blog, go figure!!

    BTW, Dodds cancer surgery was for prostate

  11. Sue: Oh shit, so now I'm the one who can't read. That's scary - thanks for the heads up.

  12. I think it shows class and caring that Dodd stepped aside. Too many office holders let their egos or something make them try to hold on to seats they have little to no hope of winning. Or they think only they can "make a difference." LIEberman was one of these. He weakened the party and turned the Senate into his personal get even avenue. At least Dodd has the sense and class to leave and not cause any further damage than his misjudgement with Countrywide has already caused.

  13. I wonder if he knows more about his cancer than he's telling?

  14. So much for your......."open discourse between people of all persuasions"

    And your "dialogue cannot include abuse, name calling, taunts, and threats. Please be respectful of your fellow bloggers" policy.
    I guess that only counts for your fellow democrats!

  15. Truth101, That was jusr about the BIGGEST spin on events that I have ever seen.

  16. oh Suzy grow up!! Where here in this thread were you called a name?? You are here to pick a fight then after the fight starts you will resort to calling liberals bitchy, bossy, ranting idiots! Sorry but you won't get the chance here, go somewhere else!

  17. Suzy-Q: I don't have permission from you to exercise my Freedom of Speech on my own blog?
    I don't see where I called anyone a name (unlike you) or threatened them. You can say anything you want and I have the right to disagree. This is my blog, baby.

    I have a hard time being respectful to people who mangle the English language and who don't have the intellectual capacity to focus on more important issues facing our country than what the First Ladies wear and eat.

    You also insulted me personally. I happen to like PBJ sandwiches. In fact a club I belonged to put them on the menu at my request.

  18. Truth: Tight on. Hopefully, now that Lieberman has screwed the American people, he won't run for re-election. However, with that ego of his, who knows? Some politicians are like entertainers and talk show hosts. They don't know when they've reached their prime and get so bad that the public has a bad taste in their mouths.

    Tom: I've wondered the same thing but I hope not.

    Sue: I corrected my post. You have to wonder if Suzy-Q is a little soft in the knoggin since she couldn't even remember that she had posted this comment somewhere else.

    Marie: I'm not even going to dignify that comment with a response.

  19. she hasn't written a new post since November so I guess all her spare time is spent trolling the lib blogs to act stupid and pick fights!

  20. I've always suspected that these people are getting paid by Armey to do this. Fifty cents a comment or $3 an hour?

  21. go read Puddys post on the airport screening machines!

    you will pee your pants!!lol

  22. Pocket Lining Dodd is getting ready for his new lobbying job. I guess he figured he's better get out now before the republican majority goes after him on ethics charges.
    You know for lining the pockets of Fannie Mae execs and the health care system.

  23. Lisa: For a minute there, I thought you'd gone and gotten yourself a blog. But, oh no, wait. My mistake. You're "following" a blog. Oops, wrong again, it's not a blog. It's an ad for Echo - a new commenting system. Naughty, naughty, Lisa. You can get sent to your room for doing things like that.

  24. That was a mistake when I was trying to log on to something another time. I don't even know what Echo is.

    But being you didn't trash my comment Leslie I guess you agree with it?

  25. The trouble with you righties is that you assume too much.

    If Echo was a mistake, you can easily remove it.