Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'd rather have ten babies at the same time . . .

. . . than go to the dentist. Talk about phobias.
I've had a loose tooth for over a year. The filling dropped out a long time ago. If I chop down and it hits the lower tooth wrong, the pain shoots through the top of my head like a canon. Sometimes I can even hear the thing wiggle and I look funny as hell when I chew.

Twenty shots of novocaine do nothing. I have to be put to sleep just to have my teeth cleaned. I'm trying to get myself geared up here, but I'd rather have those ten babes all at once or maybe even falsies.


  1. Leslie,
    I hear you on that.I was supposed to have my molars out in my twenties but just couldn't face up to it.Finally had them out 30 years later, but all the years the molars spent pushing against my other teeth Lieberman'd them so I may need bone grafts.

    So a word to the wise for the young people-if you don't want your mouth Lieberman'd listen to your dentist.

    Unless your dental insurance has been Lieberman'd as well.

  2. Dear Ms Parsley,

    I offer my complete/unqualified/whole hearted apologies if I have appeared upon your scene as a Islamic terrorist, high jacking your blog room, it was not my intent.

    Although many miles separate the pockets of the political spectrum in this country, we are all close in the assurity that respect for another's unique domains is paramount to ensuring freedom.

    If I have put the one foot I don't have stuck in my mouth into your playground without permission I will walk away with complete assurance you are quite capable of making your own decisions and yes I would fight tooth and nail to afford you the right to keep on keeping on.

    So throw me out if that be your choice, and I will not bother you again..

    Y'all, don't mind me, my children didn't either and they turned out okay, they turned from Liberalism to concervertism.

    Happily glad to find you folks,


  3. I'm sooooooo with you on this LP. I am dentistphobic myself. I think it's mainly the sound of the drilling or having sharp steel objects scraping around my gums.

    Get that tooth fixed. Pretty please.

    Do y'all have "Gentle Dental" franchises there in Nashville?

    PS. I've blogrolled you and am happy to join your community.

    Happy Holidays.


  4. Shaw, I think we do, but I really have to be knocked out cold and I don't think they do that. Just looking at the picture makes me tense up.

    I'm glad you're part of my community and I'm delighted to be on your roll.

    Jaded: I too will defend anyone's right to say what they believe. But I was brought up to have good manners, especially in someone else's home. I have someone on my blog roll who is very conservative - he is courteous and a well-reasoned man, even if we don't agree with each other most, but not all, of the time. I have enormous respect for him. But he doesn't stomp into someone's else and start calling them names and using rude behavior.

  5. Good Morning Leslie Parsley

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have noticed at work there are alot of left leaning independents and democrats, yes I am a Equal Opportunity Employer if they are willing to work with me, that are beginning give the finger to this administration. We are a small microcosm but I abscribe to the mustard seed concept.

    2012 is a ways off so a good battle plan, I think, is to focus on the House, probably can't have control after Nov., but getting things stalemated can buy some time.

    Then come 2012 find a President who is worth their salt and a VP of the same ilk. Could well give us 16 years of leadership to get this boat turned around and headed away from this iceberg of socialism.

    Thank you,


  6. Leslie, I share your dentist phobia. At thirteen I had four wisdom teeth pulled with no anesthetic.

  7. Good luck Leslie, hang in there, you can do it!!

  8. It has been many moons since Frodo was confronted with the term "falsies." It was just as big a surprise the first time.

    If you keep smiling, you won't feel a thing.