Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Monday, December 21, 2009

Is the media using McCain for a comedy hour?

Okay, so John McCain ran for vice president? He lost. So why does the media keep turning to him for his opinion on everything from abortions to zombies? The man has already proven that he isn't the brightest chimp on the face of the earth. He can switch skins and grandstand as well as the Connecticut yankee. I have a hard time trusting anyone I can't respect and respecting anyone I can't trust.

But - there's always one of them - his interview on ABC today was a classic McCain stumble-bumble. Referring to the health care bill, "It's one of the greatest Bernie Madoff gimmicks that I've ever seen, that any body's ever seen," McCain, R-Ariz., charged on "Good Morning America" today, adding that this was an "unsavory practice that the American people will reject resoundingly."

McCain also accused the president of not working with the Republicans as he had promised during the campaign. I had to listen to that part twice to make sure I heard it right.

Link to ABC to watch one of the best of too many videos as this man slips and slides - and looks directly at the camera and lies with a perfectly straight face.


  1. Same 'ole same 'ole. The rethugs have no better to speak for the party so they throw in McCain because they think he is popular and believable. LOL! What a joke! He does have a way about him when he looks directly into the camera LOL!

  2. McCain does not deserve to EVER be taken seriously as a politician EVER again. He actually picked a functioning illiterate for his running mate--to be a heart beat away from the presidency-- and still, to this day, he defends this abomination he tried to foist on the American people.

    John McCain is a sad and dangerous joke.

  3. This is a guy who was caught up in his own financial scandal, but his political buddies decided he was only stupid, not criminal. So, of course, they made him their Presidential candidate.

  4. I've mentioned this on my blogs and commented on it, most recently on L&OT's blog where I pointed out that McCain was cited for bad judgemend.

    I later went back and amended it as follows:
    There were four others - all democrats. That should perk up your little hearts. They were: Alan Cranston (Democrat of California), Dennis DeConcini (Democrat of Arizona), John Glenn (Democrat of Ohio), John McCain (Republican of Arizona), and Donald W. Riegle, Jr. (Democrat of Michigan), were accused of improperly intervening in 1987 on behalf of Charles H. Keating, Jr.

  5. Shaw: Thank you for stopping by. I hope you visit again.

    If anyone here hasn't visited Shaw's site, you need to. Tom, I think you in particular would enjoy it.

  6. McCain also accused the president of not working with the Republicans as he had promised during the campaign. I had to listen to that part twice to make sure I heard it right.

    By "working with" Republicans, they tend to mean giving them everything they want. Remember that everything we want is socialism and probably Satanism as well, so they can't be expected to compromise, even when the voters have put them in the minority.

    It's too bad, because McCain ran as a moderate by Republican standards; he was denounced as a RINO by the base and Limbaugh has openly wished he would leave the party.

    Which tells us something about where the Republican center of gravity is these days.

  7. The trouble with McCain running as anything is that he changes his position on everything time and time again. He blows with the wind and only says what is politically expedient for him at the time. I don't think he's true to himself or to the Republican party.

    In other words, I don't think he can be trusted. He's not an honest man - Keating 5 aside.

  8. LP,
    I appreciate your comment and your honesty. Just remember this from Napoleon,
    "In politics, stupidity is not a handicap."

  9. L&OT: Very good. I haven't heard that one. I guess it's what you call a truism?

  10. "McCain also accused the president of not working with the Republicans as he had promised during the campaign. I had to listen to that part twice to make sure I heard it right."

    I had a hard time with that whopper, too.
    If anything, Obama has been reaching out far, far too much to the rethuglican't tea baggin messes.
    I wish Obama were more like LBJ and just handed them their asses. It's not too late for him to learn.