Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Obama, the Magic Dragon

Seems as if everything President Obama touches turns out to be his Katrina. Zap and we have plagues, shootings, and natural and man made disasters. I like and respect our president enormously, I think he's bright and talented, but I'm not sure he deserves all the credit the right-wing media gives him.

Media Matters:

Gulf Oil Spill. Rush Limbaugh, Fox, the Drudge Report and The Washington Times have fought for first place in the Absurdity Class.  The worst oil spill in the history of our nation's oil history is "Obama's Katrina" they claim. Overlooked is the little matter that British Petroleum " reportedly led the Obama administration to believe that the spill was much less severe than it actually was."

H1N1 Flu. Stories in the Scripps-Howard News Service and on a Kansas City Star blog referred to "Obama's Katrina." A panel on a TV station in Washington, D.C. discussed whether or not the flu was "Obama's Katrina." Rush Limbaugh "stated that the H1N1 vaccine shortage 'ought to be Obama's Katrina,' but won't because they have to protect the little man-child.'"

Fort Hood shootings. Human Events' Wooley posted an article entitled "Fort Hood could be "Obama's Katrina."

Kentucky Ice storms. The Confederate Yankee asserted under the title "'Obama's 'Katrina on Ice'"

Haiti. A Wall Street Journal op-ed was titled "'Haiti: Obama's Katrina.'" In a January 17 post, Flopping Aces asked in a headline, "'Does Obama Hate the People of Haiti?'" The article mentioned the criticisms of Bush after Katrina for his lack of response and asked: "'Does Obama hate the people of Haiti?'"

The GM bankruptcy, the Christmas Day underwear bomber and the Chicago housing policies were all "Obama's Katrina."

The amazing thing is, the media from the right can't seem to convince half-way intelligent Americans, which is most of us, that these absurd characterizations have any merit . Only the right-wingers perpetuate the myth.


  1. I was thinking that just this morning, Leslie - you must be reading my mind :)

    Yep, everything is "Obama's Katrina" to the MSM, and it kindof cheapens the Katrina debacle, too. Me, I'm getting over hearing that everything is "Obama's Katrina", because clearly they want so very badly for him to f' it all up the way Bush did.

  2. Since he's human, he'll of course make mistakes but he's a hell of a lot smarter than those yahoos, so he should be able to overcome any.
    And I think most people are too smart to swallow any of this. It's just those wing-nuts are so dang loud.

  3. Wow! With Obama's never-ending powers I'm surprised the term "Antichrist" hasn't arisin,

    Oh wait - it has

  4. I'm starting to get aggravated at how quickly some on the left are looking to pin Deepwater Horizon on this Administration. The facts about how Deepwater Horizon got that exemption are NOT in, or at least haven't been made completely public, and I'm amazed at people who know that Chimpy "burrowed" people into MMS are so quick to try to pin the total blame on a guy who hadn't been in office 90 days when the exemption was granted. Nobody, NOBODY, has alleged that anyone delivered the President a memo that said "DEEPWATER HORIZON DANGEROUS, POSSIBLE CATASTROPHE IN NEAR FUTURE."

  5. Boomer: Oh my God. These are so disgusting. The Harris poll is unbelievable. You know, these people are really insane, I mean really, really insane. And disgusting. And despicable. A new low.

    I hope others take the time to visit these links.

  6. All of my family and a good number of friends live in Mississippi and Lousiana. When I was seeing human misery unfold on my TV day after day during Katrina, I thought how sad it was that those affected had no electricity or TV to see what was happening in the Super Dome, the Convention Center and on that Interstate bridge.

    I know this post is really not about Katrina, but let all these naysayers read historian Douglas Brinkley’s The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast and dare to compare Obama with Bush’s ineptitude then.

    BTW, love your post title!


  7. Thanks BJ. Republicans have never let facts stand in the way of falsehoods.

  8. I was glad to hear Joe Scarborough say the right are insane for comparing Obama's Response to the oil disaster to Bush's response to Katrina. B A is right on..They are desperate for him to screw up like Bush did, but alas, it won't happen...

  9. Wonder what they'll say about today's report that there was an increase of 250,000 jobs last month.

  10. The Rushbots and their ilk have not come to terms with the monumental incompetence that they supported in the Bush administration.

    The only way they can deal with their stupidity in excusing Bush's failed presidency is in trying to pretend Mr. Obama is just as bad or worse, hence the "Obama's Katrina" meme.

    It's laughable. And remember only the fringe believes any of it.

    The hysterical right will keep throwing crap at the Obama administration, hoping some of their pathetic accusations will stick.

    What they don't understand--because of their blind allegiance to idiocy--is that Mr. Obama is NOT George W. Bush--and we can all be thankful for that.

  11. They have to keep making everything Obama's fault because that is the only way they can attack him. You don't hear them offering alternative solutions. They have none. At least no solutions that the majority of Americans support. So, all that is left for them is to make the argument,

    "Vote for us because the other guy is so bad".

    And they are having a lot of trouble making that argument.

  12. Shaw: "only the fringe believes any of this."

    I think the "silent majority" (moderates)see through this perfectly clearly.

    Critter: It's kind of like a bunch of roaches who are in the death throws.

  13. Obama's Katrina is that he was elected while black. Unless he has a race change, changes from basketball to nascar, and marries his cousin, he can do no right in their eyes.

    Off topic: Thanks for the great catch you made at my place, Leslie.

  14. boomer said: "I'm surprised the term "Antichrist" hasn't arisin,"

    I wasn't even looking for it, but I saw it around a lot last year. It's already happening, unfortunately.

    TN lib said: "Wonder what they'll say about today's report that there was an increase of 250,000 jobs last month."

    I wonder how many of those are census jobs? Those will be gone in a couple of months, and there is a huge hiring push right now. If this is still an increase once census jobs are taken out, then it is good news.

  15. I think Shaw's right. It's desperation. They're trying everything they can think of in the hopes that something, anything, will stick and hurt Obama with the public.

  16. N: From the WP story.

    "The hiring of 66,000 temporary government workers to conduct the census helped overall payroll growth last month. However, private employers - the backbone of the economy - boosted jobs, too. They added a surprisingly strong 231,000 positions last month, also the most since March 2006, the Labor Department reported Friday."

    Thanks for dropping by. We'd love to see your blog.

    TC: It also strikes me that the media on the right keeps saying the same thing over and over and can't come up with a new derogatory descriptor.

    Infidel: I agree but I'm still hoping that it will drive the majority of decent Americans away.

  17. Leslie, that's because has done more to piss off progressives than Republicans.

  18. TC: I know that but sometimes I think Progressives are just as big a whiners as those on the right.

  19. Concrete thinkers tend to see only in absolutes, and we have them on our side as well. As much as I agree with what our progressive concrete thinkers want, the world is not a black or white thing. Realistically, we need to see shades of gray.

  20. TomCat: So right and we have to learn that we're not going to get ((everything)) we want when we want it.