Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

John McCain vs. John McCain

Flippy-Floppy John McCain has been featured several times on Parsley's Pics but not from any admiration or adulation (HERE and HERE on his switch hitting). In March 2008 Think Progress listed 44 of the maverick's flip-flops. By now I figure the list may have doubled.

Last night on MSNBC Rachel Meadow carefully rips the old boy from limb to shining limb after his 59th appearance on Meet the Press : "One of my favorite political conflict stories of all time is the sharp, bitter,divisive, at times humanly polarizing political conflict between John McCain and John McCain."

His latest flip - or flop - has to do with the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT), which his own wife Cindy supports. Update: Seems ole Cindy is into flip-flopping as well. Read about it in the comments.

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  1. Actually, Jerry, I've had a couple of mental health professional friends tell me that exact same thing.

  2. McCain is going to, at least, pull a "Reagan" on us. I see Alzheimer in his near future.

  3. Reagan showed signs of early stage Alzheimers before he ever left office. McCain has been showing the same signs for some time. And I'm not saying this out of meanness. I just think it's true.

  4. I saw the Rachel show, this moron McCain is certifiably a moron! He wants so bad to keep working and say what the people want him to say that he forgets what it was he said... Sheeeeez!!

  5. Actually Cindy has come out saying, she stands by her husband's opinion of DADT. This was less than 24 hours after a PSA from No H8, was making its way through the blogoshpere with her saying hate is wrong. She did the back flip on it also. Probably old man get off my lawn gave her some smack about appearing in the video and she oh so suddenly changes her mind.

  6. Sue: I don't like Bush but I absolutely abhor McCain.

    Jess: She did indeed.

  7. I watched Maddow and he's still the same idiot who would have been busted down to Seaman if he wasn't the son of an admiral.

  8. When it comes to McCain, my CURRENT policy on absolutely anything he has to say is DADL (Don't Ask; Don't Listen). I've been saying since '08 and the Palin decision that John may be suffering from dementia, but that was probably too generous. He is suffering from A MAJOR FREAKIN' CHARACTER DISORDER (remember those?).

    Watch for Cindy McCain to become increasingly relevant and increasingly visible.

    And, who was it that said that the table they most want to be at this Thanksgiving is the McCain's?

  9. Nance: I think if he had had a viable candidate running against him - someone who wasn't even further off the wall - he might have lost the election. For the media, especially Meet the Press, to have him as a guest on panel discussions so many times makes one wonder about their character.

  10. The saddest thing about John McCain is that at one time he was THE ONLY REPUBLICAN WITH A CONSCIENCE. He said what he meant, bucked his party's ideological jackbooted goosestep to do his own thing, and smiled at them while he did it. Then Bush and Rove smeared him in the South Carolina primary in 2000 with the lowest, most racist of push polls ever used, and he just folded up and started carrying water for Curious George. After being stabbed in the back, he went to work for him every day in the Senate, voting against his own stated positions.
    The final straw for me was his capitulation on water boarding and torture. This man WAS tortured, and I don't mean his mommy made him drive her and a fetus to the hospital when he was a teen ager. He was broken, over and over, in a pit from hell. To see what he's become makes me about as sad (and cynical)about politics as anything out there. He has become a characature of himself, a vapid, empty, chamberpot for whatever pissy liquid is dumped from the RNC.
    He could be forgiven for having mental issues after what he went through, but he can never be forgiven for abandoning his principles for political expediency.

    TnLib, thanks for passing along your link in the comments on Truth's site! I'll link to yours from mine ASAP!

  11. squatlo: My take on McCain is a bit different from yours. He came to my attention during the Keating Five hearings. My conservative husband and I came to the conclusion then that he was a snake. There has been nothing in his history to change my mind.

    His psychological problems began long before he was a POW and were the result of a cold, overly critical, overbearing father who never showed his son one iota of approval for anything he ever did. And then later on he went through this horrible POW experience. While I don't wish to diminish his bravery, I'd like to point out that he wasn't the only POW who suffered but, unlike most other POWS, he's made a career out of calling attention to it. And there's also been some questions about the truth to all that he tells and retells and retells . . .

    I don't even criticize him for getting hooked on drugs - whether to kill the physical pain, or more likely, the nightmares. Just like so many vets do. The difference is, he's been in a position to help his fellow vets but he's consistently voted against bills that would benefit them and make their lives a little more tolerable. He gets low marks from most veterans groups:

    Seems he's always eager to fund the wars and to send the troops off to fight the wars but isn't interested in thanking those by doing something meaningful for them when they come home, if they do make it home.

    I think he is and always has been a political opportunist who has been driven to seek the approval he never received from his father. He's a shoot from the hip kind of guy who makes ill-informed decisions and says whatever pops into his head at the time. He's no different now than he's ever been, just more desperate for attention and approval.

    Because I believe he is mentally unstable - something that has been verified to me by mental health professionals - I don't have it in me to totally annihilate the guy. But I have no use for his chicanery, think he's a blowhard who has never done anything significant in Congress and I think he's totally unreliable.

    The callousness with which this so-called family values man treated his first wife is another strike against him. Not only was she disfigured from a car accident, Cindy had money and still does. Lots of it. Without it he wouldn't have nine homes or a career. Cold and calculating.

    Thanks for coming by, adding me to your roll and I will do likewise.