Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Uppity Women Unite: Knit Those Vaginas

MK Carroll @ Knitty

Recently I read about a proposed "panty raid" on Congress. Women were supposed to send a pair of panties to Boehner and other members of Congress who are waging war on women. I think I like this idea from a Colorado knitter even better.
In the midst of Women's History Month, a new knitting and crochet group was borne across social media networks yesterday to protest the attacks on women's health by the Republican Congress. Inflamed by the recent Rush Limbaugh lambasting of Sandra Fluke and the never-ending attempts by males to control women's choices, a politics-savvy knitter from Colorado hatched the idea on Twitter to send every interfering male government representative a knit or crochet vagina, cervix, or uterus, marked: "Get your prehistoric laws out of my V-JJ! Better yet, here’s one of your own!”
Twitter messages sent by @Druchunas announced the new group's effort on two million-member knit and crochet network site, Ravelry: "Rav group #govtfreevjj is live. Pls join & RT. Send a uterus to male gov't reps: 'Hands off my v-jj. Here's your own.' " Influential forces across the knitting community showed their support as fast as the iPhone tweets could beep. Donna Druchunas is a knitwear designer, author, and teacher. Yes, the empowerment of women is a beautiful thing. . . . 
To support this effort, join the Ravelry group, "Government Free V-JJ;" tweet, using the hashtag #govtfreevjj; send your knit and crochet feminine body parts to the congressional representatives of your choice. Links to knit and crochet patterns and congressional addresses can be found on Ravelry. Free pattern links are below as well.
Following are links to other free patterns. I kind of like "The Snatchel" myself.

Crochet uterus pattern on CraftFrog by Joy Koestner.

The felt cervix project pattern by Sonja Philip.

Tink Edward's uterus crochet pattern.

MK Carroll's womb on Knitty.

The Snatchel by Zabet Stewart, "It may not be pretty, but it's mine!"

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  1. Geez, I want one of those. Do I have to get elected to congress and be a male chauvinist pig to get one?

  2. Damn. I can't knit or crochet, but I used to hook. Hmm.