Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama: Another poll, another outcome

After reading a Gallup Poll claiming that Obama's approval rating had dropped to 50%, along comes Liberal Values announcing yet another poll. Thank the Lord and spare the amunition. I was beginning to think my fellow Democrats had turned a funny fickle color.

Public Policy Polling's findings read quite a bit differently.

Our new poll suggests that liberal unhappiness with Barack Obama is still largely anecdotal and not very widespread. His approval rating with liberal Democrats is 95%, with only 3% disapproving of him.

On health care 88% of voters in that group say they're with Obama and only 7% are opposed. We simply are not seeing any broad evidence of push back toward him from the left for not advocating for single payer.

There is a little more unrest with him on Afghanistan. 68% of liberal Democrats support his approach there with 22% opposed. Even with those who disagree with him on the issue 81% express approval of his overall job performance so it doesn't seem to be a deal breaker by any means.

What a difference a day makes. Seriously, though, you have to wonder who's footing the bill for some of these polls.


  1. thats a big difference! The problem is which poll to believe, I hate polls!

  2. I think polls are like statistics. Figures don['t lie, but liars can sure figure.

  3. I agree but I started to lose respect for Mr. G awhile back -

  4. Frodo often takes the "long view." Pretend that today is today in the year 2067, and that we are looking back at the Presidency of Barack Obama, which ended almost 51 years ago. By the end of his first year in Office, that guy had worked the first significant change in healthcare in almost a century, had resurrected American leadership in Foreign Policy, orchestrated scientific research utilizing stem cells, brought about a 67% increase in the value of the Dow Jones Industrials, won a Nobel Peace Prize, and adopted a dog.
    Will make future reporters wonder what this guy did in his spare time. They'll also wonder who the Hell John Boehner was?