Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Solidarity Forever - Pete Seeger (Video)

For the union makes us strong.


  1. I've been thinking about the old union movement all week. We can't let all that history go to waste. Does no one really STUDY that history anymore? Why do they think unions ever came to be? And who would ever believe we'd be fighting those battles on our streets again. Corporate Robber Barons will be suggesting next that they'll bring those low-paying jobs home if we'll drop the legal employment age and let them put our children to work.

  2. There was a rally in Nashville today and I so much planned to go. Next weekend is another one and I will be there with a sign.

  3. Thank you!!!! As the daughter of a union family and a former union member myself, I appreciate this greatly.

    The weather in Ohio has kept me from joining the throng in Columbus but my spirit is there with them.

  4. You take care of you, Miss Kay. Sign those petitions and support them by going to their FB page.

  5. Great video L! WE are the true patriots, we must never forget that! Here is a list from jadedj's blog....

    This is why we support unions,

    - 8 hour work day

    - 40 hour work week

    - Unemployment insurance

    - A minimum wage law

    - Anti-discrimination in the workplace based on age, sex, or race

    - Child Labor laws

    - Safe and secure working conditions in the workplace

    - Paid vacations

    - Paid sick leave

    Why do righties want to destroy these things we have fought so hard for?

  6. The great strength of a union in days long gone was that while we got all of what Sue mentions above, they also gave workers a recourse against capricious employers. They didn't have to just bend over and take it when an employer suddenly decided on a whim that the above list was too much. Workers had someone standing behind them. That someone might not have been so great, but at least it was something.

  7. Had this song going through my head while reading about all the rallies yesterday -- makes me dare to be hopeful!

  8. What a poignant reminder that so much of what we have nowadays was won through risk-taking, hardship and sacrifice in decades past — not just by soldiers, sailors and airment, but also by railroad and steel workers, coal miners, garment makers, factory workers and so many more.

    Great wealth brings with it great power. The one effective counter to that power the rest of us have is willingness to stand firm — together.

  9. Thanx for the video posting Leslie, never seen or heard that, and liked the old school background to it, kind of wished I would have posted somehting like that on my posting a few back about union stuff. No ... I never was union, but they have interested me alot in recent year's as far as support for them. I worked quite a few year's in printing business as well for instance, a Guy I knew year's ago was a old schooler in Dallas area print shop's (he was like 35 year's older than me at the time), he told me one day that back in the early 1960's that, that particular printing association that Dallas printer's almost all belonged to, wasw strictly a front for owner's, and that him and some other employee's back then tried to organize a union, many were fired/ replaced and/ or black listed. He brought this up to me because I was so young and knew me and the crew at the shop prided ourselves on being "inde", we simply as well really didnt know "union" for that matter except for me a tad, coming from a New York familia where union's were as American as apple pie and baseball, I tuched on some of that in the posting, but I cant remember the title of the posting off hand. Today this association still is inde in the Dallas area, and the only union shop's are the huge place's like "Quebecor" or such who moved here from out of state or the city, county, etc.

  10. Another note here if I may ... I only was focusing on union's more in posting's Leslie, because I feel right now especially they may be more importante than we realize, because what I'm seeing is a very strong move by the GOP/ Tea Bag's in particular (and you know who's funding and organizing that) to try to squelch union's voice's and right's, look at Wisconsin Leslie and other state's recently. Now, they say it's all about trimming wage's, which is okay based on budget short fall's, but what does that have to do with trying to cut bargaining right's is what I wondered in that, and I also read that, YES Tea Party member's, were their as anti union opponent's too. That there tell's you something is up, and what I have been concerned with in several of my posting's was the privatization of America. I feel that the big money as well want's to make not only union's, but especially government service's to fail. Why? Because we still need the service's (in Texas for instance because of budget short fall's Gov. Perry proposed to close libraries of all thing's and school's across the state, yet the corporate sector here is booming at a high rate), what happen's is this Leslie (looking at the business angle) any gvmnt agencies for instance that fail, the corporate sector/ investor's come in and buy it, then lease it back to the people for tax revenue's, this cut's out gvmnt and divert's most or more tax revenue's to the private sector which we really know is more corporate communism than free market. They have already bought state building's for instance in place's like Arizona and California, and lease it back to the state. The pitfall of this? Is when and if these icon's own too much, it leave's less actual "people's voice" in their gvmnt, and less oversight of those who run the ship, if that make's sense. I'll shut up now, thanx

  11. I appreciate all your comments and am not ignoring you. Am having a second round of really powerful headaches and can't focus on much of anything at the moment. Will get back as soon as I can. Sorry.

  12. tnlib, that's OK. You take care and know your regulars are keeping a good thought for you.

  13. I'm back in circulation here, more or less. Not a fun few days. Anyway, I'm pleased to see that a NYT/CBS poll finds that a majority of people support the unions and collective bargaining. Of course, there are always those undecided ones who say they don't know know anything about it. You have to wonder where in hell these people have been all their lives.

    I'm pleased with the outpouring of support the WI public workers - and the Democratic 14 - have received. It gives me a little faith in the American people.

    PBS has been running a fascinating series on the history of unions. It is amazing to see people willing to loose their lives for the benefit of others.

    Like everyone else, I have concerns about all this corporate money influence, but we the people still have the vote. If we don't use it, we only have ourselves to blame. Together we can accomplish a lot more than money can buy.

  14. Thanks for reminding us.

    It's sad that Americans forget so soon. We are talking History that is only 50-60 years ago; not to mention the union History of 100 years ago.
    Americans need to be reminded of what the situation was like before unions, or before legal abortions, or before Reagan cut taxes by half.
    It's not political ideology. Just common sense and what's best for the American people.
    Republicans want the government out of our lives, yet, they want to outlaw abortion, or tell the Schivo family (and the rest of American families) what is best for their (our) sick family members.
    death Pannels? that's exactly what Republicans act like.

  15. Tom, you're absolutely right, but I'm beginning to feel a little more hopeful. I really think the majority of people are beginning to wake up to what they're all about and I see more protests in the future. This is a good thing, I think. By the time the 2012 elections roll around I think we may have a whole new ball game than what we saw in 2010 - that if, if Democrats get off their butts and go vote.

  16. Speaking of solidarity;

    This solidarity between Qaddafi and Israel is interesting;

    Israel provides henchmen for Qaddafi

    Interesting bed fellows if you ask me.

  17. That was beautiful, Leslie.


    I posted it on my Facebook page.

  18. Thanks, Tom. I have another one coming here shortly.