Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, January 08, 2012

"No Whoring Allowed"

Well, in a manner of speaking. But it's refreshing to see a small business establishment with the chutzpah to show more loyalty to their loyal customers than to free advertising that might be generated by the presence of overblown windbags - like Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann or Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer.

Employee Jessica Labrie taped a sign reading "No Politicians, No Exceptions" to the outer door of Colby's Breakfast & Lunch, a popular eatery in Portsmouth, N.H.

Labrie said these politicians have visited their restaurant several times since the summer. Each time, Labrie said, their presence was an interruption.
The most recent candidate visit came Monday when Roemer, a fringe candidate, stopped in. Labrie said Roemer popped in unexpectedly and announced who he was to the entire restaurant.
“It disrupted people’s conversations who were having breakfast,” she said.
A similar situation occurred in the summer, when Labrie said Perry and Bachmann visited the restaurant for lunch. She said the visit was marred by overbearing campaign staff members who requested to reserve one side of the small restaurant despite there being only 10 tables in the entire establishment.
“They said, ‘Just so you know you’ll have the pleasure of waiting on Gov. Perry and (Congresswoman) Bachmann. Don’t be nervous. Just be yourself and you’ll be fine.’”
Labrie said she responded with, “I don’t know if you really want me to be myself.”
Imagine that. Campaign staff who are overbearing. I like this girl's spunk. I also like her boss's attitude.
[Owner Jeremy] Colby said candidates and politicians have been stopping in since the summer and have at times overwhelmed his small business.
“I find it incredibly rude,” said Colby, who said his political views are as liberal as they come. “I also find it amusing that they talk about how the economy and small business is so important, yet they are OK with creating a disturbance that impacts my small business.”
Having owned the small downtown restaurant since 2003, Colby said, his business model is only successful if he is able to turn over its 28 seats in an orderly fashion. He said that is hard to do when a politician barges in and interrupts customers as they dine.
“I don’t appreciate Joe Blow coming in here and whoring around the dining room for votes,” he said.
So, have faith folks. There are a lot of little Americans out there who recognize whoring when they see it.


  1. I saw this story, too, and thought "good for them!"

  2. @Jayne: Yep, I kind of a kick out of these kinds of stories.

  3. Given that the owner is "as liberal as they come", I wonder if he would have the same attitude if the politicians were Democrats?

  4. @JC: Teehee, I wondered who'd be the first to pick up on that. A fair question and I don't have a clue, of course. I'd like to think he'd be an equal opportunity banner of pols.

  5. I like Colby's spunk too. His point isn't snark, just a small businessman being practical.

    Re: Jerry Critter's question, I doubt Colby would make an exception for a long time, if ever. Unlike those in the GOP traveling clown show, most real people avoid coming off as hypocrites. After the publicity his no-pols policy is getting, I'm sure he knows he'd be labeled a hypocrite by Republicans if he were to welcome a liberal candidate.

  6. I wish the moderator at one of the debates would ask the candidates about this incident. It would be interesting to see them react to an encounter with real-life ordinary people that they didn't script (or just make up).

    I'm a little offended at the comparison of Republican politicians to whores, though. Whores provide a straightforward service which a lot of people seem to want, and at much more reasonable prices than what Republican politicians cost us. And I've never heard of a whore trying to destroy people's jobs in order to make someone else look bad, or preaching religion at them, or telling them they can't use birth control:-)

  7. Jerry...a pol is a pol, is a pol, is a pol...even by any other name, methinks.

  8. @SW: I had the same reaction that Jerry did when first reading this but came to the same conclusion that you did after thinking about it. After all, Colby's business depends on the local clientele, people who will be there long after the politicos have moved on.

    @Kay: Thanks.

    @Infidel: I doubt if the debate moderators have heard about this. Even if they have, they would probably think it's too controversial to bring up!

    I certainly don't mean to insult prostitutes, but one of the definitions of a whore is, " A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain," which fits nicely into your description.

    @J: You discourage me with your cynicism. ;)

  9. Good on 'em!!

    There's all kinds of assumptions made by the politicians, but, among the worst is the profiling and pigeonholing of Americans: If you own a business, you're obviously a Republican. If you're in the military and you aren't gay, you're obviously a Republican.

    I like it that this business owner was able to make his point without making it a political statement...very good business, that is.

  10. That's great! Boorishness is boorishness, no matter the stripe.
    I get a kick out of interviews I've seen this week with small business owners in NH, decrying too much government and not enough help for people like themselves (can you have both at the same time or do they cancel each other out?). The people I saw interviewed last night -- who owned a gourmet kitchenware shop, a custom-clothing store and a handmade candy operation -- said they weren't doing well in this economy and didn't know how much longer they could stay in business. The reporter failed to mention that in NH, there is NO sales tax and NO state income tax. SO, if these people can't make a go of it in a place where people have the maximum amount of disposable income possible, they won't make it anywhere. Maybe they should consider a McDonalds franchise. Who has less interaction with government than the people of NH? I guess they mean FEDERAL government. Maybe they should give up holding an early presidential primary, which brings all those awful people (and their money) up there.
    Once again, people mix up the words GOVERNMENT and POLITICIANS. They're two different things, folks. But, that's another story.

  11. Good on them.... I have a friend who runs a small coffee house/cafe.... and thugh he IS pretty much a liberal will allow NO politicking in his place..... " I sell to everyone.." and no one has the right to make my customers uncomfortable... whatever the politics..."

  12. @Nance: This brings to mind (at least to mine) the criticism presidents receive when they don't jump on a plane and immediately fly off to an area that has been hit by a natural disaster. With their entourage, security requirements, the media following, etc., it would certainly be an unwelcome interruption for the people trying to organize rescue operations and the folks participating in the rescue efforts.

    @Paula: Good points and certainly something to think about. I certainly didn't know that NH has no sales or income tax. Very interesting. I doubt seriously NH will give up the early primary for just the reasons you state.

    @okjimm: I applaud your friends thinking, by golly.

  13. I would like to believe that I, personally, wouldn't show special favors to politicians. They are people, just like you and me and if they were holding up my business...well, I'd have to say something.

    I wish more people would speak their mind, respectfully, of course. But I think too many people get caught up in the "hype". That's too bad because it just goes to the politicians' heads and goodness knows they don't need any more help in THAT area...although, maybe it could generate some brain cells.

  14. Sorry but everyone will hate me now. I set up a few of these deals for politicians coming through town.

    For the most part the business owners didn't mind. I never did it at a place as small as this nice lady's and I'm sure that was more of a disruption.

    But the folks at the local Hardees or McDonalds and two full service restaurants seemed to enjoy the pol coming up to tham and chatting.

  15. @Joe: Well, there you have it. Doubt if anyone's gonna hate ya, however.

  16. I'm having serious computer problems and have to work in Safe Mode, which has everything skewed - at least as far as the way things are appearing to me.

  17. LOL, Leslie. I am sure a lot of your "Righty Friends" will say that your view on the computer isn't the only thing skewed. :)

  18. @JC: Teehee. Actually, You're only partly right. There is one lefty who not only thinks likewise, but tells me (day-in and day-out) in no uncertain terms. But it's really hard to tell since he sounds just like some righties I've encountered. ;)